Ever heard of hybrid grass? What is it and how does it work?

what is hybrid grass

Hybrid grass might just be the solution you need for your next project. In fact, hybrid grass is well favoured by sporting stadiums for the same reasons people find it suitable for their own homes.

What is hybrid grass?

Hybrid grass is a mix of natural grass and synthetic turf and it actually looks and feels like natural grass. This new type of artificial turf has given consumers the opportunity to get the best of both worlds for their lawn.

Why is hybrid grass used in stadiums and sports grounds?

Many stadiums and large sports grounds have moved from natural grass to artificial turf. The reasons for this move are many, but it’s mainly because artificial turf is low maintenance, provides a softer surface that prevents serious injuries and enhances player performance. Not all stadiums and sports grounds have made the move to artificial turf, some may never change from using natural grass, whilst others have already installed hybrid grass.

The overriding reason hybrid grass is gaining traction is because it plays to the strengths of both types of surfaces. Hybrid grass is a combination of the best features of natural grass and artificial turf.

SYNLawn hybrid grass is a good example of these strengths, offering a highly durable surface for players. It was initially created to combat eroded areas in natural turf as a result of high foot traffic or environmental damage. Recently, however, SYNLawn hybrid grass has morphed into a firm choice for stadiums and sports grounds, due to its durability, ease of installation and excellent drainage properties. It also promotes the growth of natural grass and provides protection against further damage.

Benefits of hybrid grass for players and sports facilities

Obviously, its durability, low maintenance and ease of installation are factors that make hybrid grass popular with sporting facilities (it can be installed over new or existing natural grass). For players, however, this grass provides more stability underfoot and fewer injuries if they fall.

SYNLawn hybrid grass really is a true combination of natural and artificial grass, due to its honeycomb structure that allows natural grass to grow in between the artificial turf fibres. The structure of the hybrid grass keeps moisture in the ground (but prevents pooling and puddles from forming), encouraging the natural grass to regrow in eroded areas. The whole ensemble provides a very stable surface for players.

SYNLawn hybrid grass

SYNLawn offers two different types of hybrid grass: SYNLawn Hybrid Flexi Wear and SYNLawn Hybrid Hi Wear. They both have a five year warranty, 20mm pile height and a 4 star wear and softness rating. They also, however, require normal maintenance, like natural grass lawns and are ideal for backyards with lots of bare patches (particularly for dog owners), as well as on sloping sites, around pools and underneath play areas.

The Hybrid Flexi Wear is designed for installation on uneven or rounded surfaces, whilst the Hybrid Hi Wear is designed for high traffic areas that tend to result in worn, bare patches.

So, if you have lots of bare patches or high traffic areas in your yard, you might consider installing one of these new hybrid grass surfaces to bring your backyard back to life.

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