Hybrid Grass


Synlawn Hybrid is a new and improved synthetic turf system which cleverly integrates with natural grass to create a dynamic hybrid that looks and feels like natural grass, but with far superior durability. This hybrid grass is the perfect grass reinforcement solution.

The new SYNLawn Hybrid synthetic turf system has been developed to combat eroded areas of natural grass caused by high foot traffic or environmental damage, to provide healthy and beautiful grass coverage all year round.

SYNLawn Hybrid synthetic turfs are made from a strong polyethylene yarn and feature a polyester honeycomb cell base, which enables natural grass to grow through the cells to become fully integrated. This integration of the two grass types strengthens the worn area.







Hi Wear

Hi Wear is ideal for use in open areas such as entrance ways to parks, dog parks, pathways leading off hard surfaces or anywhere where foot traffic may cause damage to lawn areas.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Pile height: 12mm
  • Roll width: 2.4m
  • Roll length: 5m, 10, 25m
  • Thatch colour: TBC
  • Yarn colour: TBC
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Flexi Wear

Flexi Wear offers the same benefits as the Hi Wear surface, but with its additional flexibility it’s ideal for use on uneven surfaces such as grassed banks, mounds in playgrounds and sloping lawn areas.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Pile height: 20mm
  • Roll width: 2 m
  • Roll length: 5m, 10, 25m
  • Thatch colour: No thatch (natural turf)
  • Yarn colour: Bottle Green
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Product features

SYNLawn Hybrid’s unique honeycomb cell structure protects the natural grass root system and crown. SYNLawn Hybrid reinforces and stabilises the grass, keeping moisture in and allowing the grass to grow, a great bit of technology helping nature.