Why you shouldn’t buy cheap fake grass

Buying cheap fake grass can make your best ideas and plans go south, quickly. Like many other home improvement options there are cheaper alternatives on the market, but how often do you hear people complain that they should’ve chosen a better quality product in the long run they have either had to pull up all their hard work anyway and replace it because the product has failed or even worse fallen apart.

This certainly doesn’t help keep the value of your home high or your property looking pristine, it simply can’t be accomplished if you choose to install cheap fake grass. A high quality synthetic lawn is cool underfoot and soft to touch and can feel like you are actually walking on real grass. Your cheaper alternative may look good for the first month but as soon as you have any foot traffic through this is where it starts to go down hill quickly. Ensure you review the foot traffic ratings before purchasing.

Locally made products for local environments.

Many of the overseas imported products are not built to withstand the Australian sun and environment and can fade or even worse melt when our temperatures rise.

Don’t waste your money

Even know the saying of “you pay for what you get”. The purchase and installation of your artificial grass is an investment and what may seem like a bargain at the time you may regret in time to come. A professional, local product may seem costly to begin with, but add up the total cost savings overtime, including yearly maintenance costs that you are saving on the upkeep of a natural lawn, along with the number of years it will be in place, this could be thousands of dollars of the lifetime of your synthetic lawn.