What Are Playground Surfaces Made From?

It’s easy to forget the work that goes into making playgrounds safe environments for all, especially the very surface it is built on. In schools, parks, childcare centres, restaurants and even private homes, playgrounds create magical wonderlands for those of us with just enough imagination. But what are playground surfaces made from?

Industry experts categorize playground surface materials into two types: loose fill or solid materials.

The loose fill category can include sand, mulch, bark, wood chips and other softer natural materials. While these are a lower upfront cost, they require constant maintenance and refill. This filing is required to be at least 20cm deep, which means a significant amount of material is required.

Solid materials for playground surfaces include more advanced technologies such as artificial grass (aka Astro Turf), wet pour rubber and rubber tiles. While these tend to have a higher upfront cost, the maintenance costs are much lower than for loose fill materials. Anti-slip and impact absorption technologies have been developed with these solutions, creating safer spaces for play and reducing injury. When installed properly, these are highly durable surfaces which will last for years to come.

Safety is always the number 1 priority with any playground installation. Legal requirements in Australia state that equipment with a fall height of over 50cm must have a certified impact absorbing surface underneath. This is hardly surprising, as over 70% of playground injuries occur from a child falling. It is important to make sure the surface can absorb the energy of a falling child and prevent these injuries as much as possible.

Read about playground safety requirements here.

The ideal playground surface is a combination of non-slip rubber and artificial grass or Astro Turf. These are safe, cost effective, highly customisable and can be used to create a colourful and inspiring space for your kids! These surfaces can also ensure a playground is wheelchair accessible.

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