Top 10 Creative Ways To Use Artificial Grass

The Christmas Holidays are just around the corner and thousands of people everywhere are getting into the DIY Spirit with home décor and styling.

The team at SYNLawn researched the most impressively creative designs and ideas to complement your home with synthetic lawn.  Check out our TOP 10 LIST below.

1. Synthetic Grass Couch 

A lounge set covered in artificial grass allows you to completely feel one with nature. An ideal theme for outdoor entertaining and nature lovers.

Couch made of synthetic grass
Image compliments go to Fresh Design Blog

2. Artificial Turf Animals 

Create impressive wildlife in within your own backyard.  The kids will love playing with artificial grass animals that look and feel amazing.

Synthetic Grass Rabbit
Image compliments go to AliExpress

3. Synthetic Turf hammock

Ever wanted a lawn chair that looked exactly like grass without the dirt? Cover your lawn chair with artificial grass.

A man lying on an artificial grass hammock
Image compliments go to Laughing Squid 

4. Artificial Grass Feature Wall

Turn a boring wall into a visual feature using Synthetic grass and bring nature inside for a calming atmosphere.

Beer garden with a synthetic turf feature wall
Image compliments go to All Seasons Synthetic Turf

5. Fake Grass Pool Surrounds

Imagine having artificial grass around your pool and stepping stones like this. Your backyard will look beautiful every single day. Install our grass and have your backyard look like this.

Artificial grass surrounding a pool
Image compliments go to

6. Artificial Grass Footwear 

Artificial Grass is coming into fashion, With these sandals your feet will feel comfy and also cool. The cooling technology of this is called Heatblock.

Synthetic grass thongs
Image compliments go to Interesting Engineering

7. Synthetic Turf Bicycle 

Fancy green power? Why not a green bike? Standout this summer with the most unique set of wheels ever.

Synthetic grass bicycle
Image compliments go to Haiku Project 

8. Synthetic Grass Caravan 

Want your caravan look clean and well camouflaged for years? Why not cover it with artificial grass?

Artificial grass caravan
Image compliments go to Sanctuary Synthetics

9. Artificial Turf Sculptures 

Create an incredible sculpture within your backyard that the kids can play on. The possibilities are endless!

Synthetic grass sculpture
Image compliments go to Creative Move

10. Synthetic Grass Door Mat 

This is the perfect way to keep all those nasty insects and outdoor particles from entering your home. Plus it will look good near any door!

Artificial Grass Door Mat
Image compliments go to Flipkart 

We hope you have enjoyed looking through this list of creative ways to use artificial grass.  Feeling inspired? Contact SYNLawn today to talk about your next DIY and our range of products that will suit your creative flair.

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