The SYNLawn Artificial lawn team is growing.

Artificial Lawn – Ruth Czermak started Botanical Traditions a landscape design company during the mid-1990’s in Melbourne. Botanical Traditions has developed a specialty in pre-school and childcare playspace design and is respected as an innovative creator of interesting, safe and engaging outdoor areas for child play. A crucial element of Ruth’s design is incorporating soft fall areas that have a natural backyard appeal.

With the continued development of artificial lawn over the years there is a significant increase in the products applications.  Ruth has researched many brands and types of artificial lawns looking for a surface that gives a useable “home style” feel that is a great place for children to play and meets the strict requirements demanded by the child care industry. The search criteria included – Australian made (locally backed warranty), heavy metal free (no chance of poisoning), UV stable (minimum 12-year performance warranty), lush, multi thatched yarn (had to look and feel like natural grass) and be an all year round grass (useable in North and West facing play areas for all seasons – with a tested “cool” facing yarn).

Ruth’s research led her to Australian made SYNLawn. SYNLawn artificial lawn has been manufactured in Melbourne for decades and is a leader in innovative design such as the exclusive and tested HeatBlock yarn which reduces the surface temperature of the lawn by 20% in full sun. SYNLawn is now specified for all Botanical Traditions child care and pre-school designs. “SYNLawn artificial grass meets all of my requirements and satisfies my client’s demands of having an effective, low maintenance, child play friendly surface for their centres,” said Ruth.  “The HeatBlock feature of SYNLawn grass means that the 20% reduction in grass surface temperature gives me greater design flexibility”, she continued, “so I insist that only SYNLawn be specified and laid”.

If you have children or pets and you are considering the advantages of artificial turf in your yard, call SYNLawn on 1300 796 529, to discuss your requirements and let’s see how we can help you make your design come to life.