Why it’s worth having a professional install your artificial grass.

expert artificial grass installers

Many of us love a DIY project every now and again, but sometimes it makes sense to call on the experts. Unless you are a confident handyman or woman with sound experience in installing artificial turf, this could be one of those projects that’s worth employing a professional installer for.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Product knowledge

Since there are many types of artificial grass on the market, knowing which type is suitable for your space is important. If you make the wrong choice, it can end up being a costly mistake. When you hire a professional to install your artificial lawn, you can leverage their expertise. This ensures that you select the best artificial turf for your needs and area.

Importance of the foundations

If the foundations for laying the artificial turf aren’t perfect, you may start to notice issues your turf’s appearance, for example, bubbling, warping and gaps. The grass may even collapse through small holes that form in the foundations as you walk across the grass. Drainage is also another important consideration to avoid water pooling on the surface of your synthetic turf. SYNLawn’s certified installers ensure the foundation for your new artificial turf is flat, even, stable and structurally sound, providing you with a beautifully laid lawn that will last you for years.

The right tools for the job

You may be handy around the house, but that doesn’t mean you have the right tools to lay artificial turf. Certified artificial grass installers will use a variety of specialised tools to accommodate all types of installation techniques and practices, including heavy duty steel pins, commercial grade joining tape, and heavy Without the right tools for every type of job, the quality of the installation may be poor thus causing potential issues with your synthetic grass down the track.

Which direction is the wrong direction?

Did you know that artificial turf has a pile that faces one direction? So, much like carpet, when you lay lawn, it needs to all be installed with the pile facing the correct way. It is often not easy to determine the direction of the pile until the blades are brushed after installation, to make them stand up. But by that time though, it’s too late. Hiring a certified installer ensures that errors like this don’t occur, and that your new synthetic lawn will be laid perfectly.


And of course we all know that everyone wants everything done yesterday! So if you need your synthetic lawn installed with a quicker turnaround time, then a team of professional installers can deliver. Years of experience, trade knowledge and the right tools, means an expert can work more efficiently to deliver exceptional quality.

If you want a beautiful lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours, your best strategy is to hire one of SYNLawn’s certified installers. SYNLawn agents will even give you a full briefing on how to maintain your new turf, so that it continues to cause envy for many years to come.

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