6 Crucial considerations when installing a home putting green

SYNLawn putting green sample

Us Aussies love our backyards and turning them into outdoor sanctuaries which we can enjoy with our family and friends. Popular ways Aussies love to use their backyard include anything from swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, al fresco dining areas and trampolines for the kids, so what about a putting green?

Not many of us think about installing putting greens in our backyard, but if you are a keen golfer, it is a great opportunity to practise your putting skills in the comfort of your very own home. You can even teach your kids how to play without the need to drive to the local golf course or driving range.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider before transforming your outdoor space into a golfer’s paradise.

1. Where is the putting green going to be located?

If you have a large backyard you might have numerous locations in mind, but with a smaller yard there might only be one logical area suitable for a putting green. If you want a very simple putting green then you might prefer a perfectly flat area, but if you want to improve your game you might look for a spot more challenging with dips, slopes, sand bunkers, and different gradients.

Whatever your aspirations, we have a large range of certified SYNLawn installers Australia Wide who can help install your new SYNLawn putting green and make it the perfect interactive area in your backyard.

2. How large does it need to be?

This might be a moot point because the size of your back yard often determines the size of your putting green. However, if you have a sizable yard then the extent of your putting green depends on whether you want to focus on just your putting or your chip shots too.

3. What about the shape of your putting green?

The shape of your putting green might also be determined by the size of your yard, as well as any gradients, and other structures in the vicinity (like sheds, pools, trampolines, and so on). Given enough space, you can create any size or shape putting green, even replicating a part of your favourite golf course at home.

putting greens

4. Do you need any special features?

What about a sand trap in your putting green or a water feature? You could even include a fishpond as part of the putting green. You can make your putting green look generic or you can add as many features as you want to increase the challenge and make it look fabulous. Hedges, paths, bushes, garden beds and trees can all be incorporated into your design, it all depends on the space you have to work with and your particular needs.

5. Real grass or synthetic turf?

Much like actual golf courses, real grass requires significant maintenance to keep it looking its best all year round. A popular alternative, particularly for backyard putting greens, is synthetic turf, which due to recent technological advances, really does mimic real turf. It requires much less maintenance than real grass and gives you the perfect surface to hone your golfing skills all year round.

6. Do you want to use the green all year round?

With a SYNLawn putting green, you can play any time of the year! The rain won’t keep you from using your putting green when the sun comes out, because the positioning of perforated holes in the SYNLawn’s turf backing have been carefully selected and tested by our in-house lab technicians for superior drainage. This prevents your lawn from getting puddles and looking like a pool in winter.

In the summer, you also won’t have to worry about your artificial grass putting green fading or getting too hot, because the SYNLawn range incorporates a special COOLplus technology, which reflects the suns UV rays keeping your lawn 20% cooler than any other synthetic grass on the market.

If you’re ready to shave a few strokes off your game, contact us on 1300 796 529 to find out more about our synthetic putting green options.