6 Reasons Fake Grass is Great for Dogs

fake grass with dog playing

Is your lawn driving you crazy? Mowing, whipper snipping, fertilising and weeding can be time consuming and frustrating, particularly when you have dogs. It’s even worse when they like to dig holes! So, what’s the alternative? You can’t expect your dogs to live on concrete or pavers and that’s probably not the look you’re going for anyway.

If you want a lawn without all the maintenance problems and you have dogs, there’s nothing better than synthetic grass. This isn’t the old artificial grass that looks like green plastic, it’s new high-tech grass that looks just like the real thing! Unless you get on your hands and knees, you’ll never know the difference and even then, it’s hard to tell it’s not real.

Let’s take a look at six reasons why replacing your lawn with synthetic grass is a win-win situation for dog owners.

1. Dogs love synthetic grass

New technologies have made synthetic grass very soft to touch, so it’s perfect for dogs. They have no problem lazing around on your new artificial lawn, because it’s not scratchy and it doesn’t get hot in the sun. In fact, most of the new synthetic turfs are really spongy, so your dogs can bounce around all day long without injuring themselves.

2. No more muddy paws

Do you dread when it rains because the dogs traipse mud through the house? Well, with synthetic grass, you don’t have to wash the dog’s paws anymore when they come inside, because there’s no mud! You can even water your garden beds to your heart’s content and not worry about wetting the lawn and creating pockets of muddy ground. Synthetic lawns eliminate muddy puddles, so your dogs can play all day long in the rain and you’ll still have wet dogs, but not wet muddy dogs!

3. No more holes

If your dogs love digging holes in the lawn, then artificial turf is the ideal solution. They have no reason to dig holes in your lawn anymore, because there’s no moisture or earth there to dig up. You don’t need to keep filling holes or placing bricks strategically across your lawn to cover up holes to stop them digging. Your lawns look fabulous and your dogs won’t be scolded for digging holes again.

4. No bare patches

If your dogs constantly race around the fence line of your property, you’ll likely have a bare track around the edge of your lawn. Synthetic turf for pets is tough and durable, so your dogs can run around the same track every day and it will look awesome for years.

5. No more toxic chemicals needed

Fertilisers and weedkillers can be very toxic to dogs, so dog owners have to be very careful spraying their lawns. On the other hand, a synthetic lawn doesn’t need any chemicals, because it doesn’t grow weeds and always looks fresh and new. So, it’s safe for your dogs.

6. Lawns are easy to keep clean

If your dogs do their ‘business’ on your lawn, then synthetic turf is easy to keep clean. You simply hose away any urine, pick up their faeces, and that’s it! You might need to hose a few particles away if the faeces have sat there for a while, but it’s really effortless to keep your new lawns clean.

SYNLawn artificial grass is particularly suitable for pets and comes with a range of benefits for your furry friends. Our products are extremely durable, with surfaces designed to withstand even the most active animals! All our grasses are toxic-free, soft under paw and 100% safe.

Superior drainage of water and other liquids ensures the prevention of mould and bacteria growth and we also offer a safe odour-eliminating infill called Pet Premium Infill to keep your grass smelling great all year round.

For more information about synthetic turf for dog owners, call SYNLawn on 1300 796 529.