Fake Grass as an Alternative

Fake grass…… SYNLawn Australia is a leading brand of Artificial Grass and Synthetic Lawns.

Take a minute to think about how your lawn is looking right now….. Is it looking tired, worn out, yellow and patchy? SYNLawn can solve all your lawn problems.

Finding natural looking fake grass in Australia is not an easy feat. What if we told you SYNLawn artificial grass is manufactured by APT right here in Melbourne, Australia and it looks more natural than ever?

People will get mistaken by your SYNLawn artificial grass because it looks so real, no one will think it’s fake!
SYNLawn synthetic turf provides customers with a high quality product every time. Each filament is closely monitored and produced to run in many directions, so the artificial grass appear as natural as the real thing!

Your outside space should be your haven and a place you can put your feet up all weekend long! Not somewhere to get the lawn mower out every WEEKEND!

But if you are looking for a new project to do in your backyard, SYNLawn also have DIY products that are easy to install! Plus you’ll get the satisfaction out of installing it yourself and you only ever have to install it once – because of its low maintenance. Due to not having to maintain SYNLawn on a regular basis, you can save your hardworking dollars on the things you enjoy most.

SYNLawn don’t only sell synthetic grass in Australia it is also sold in many other locations around the world such as the United States of America and Canada.

So remember, if you are going to look at installing synthetic grass, it should look natural, not shiny and fake!

Contact us today for a free measure and quote. A premium SYNLawn product in your home will increase the value, reduce your home maintenance and create an area that you can enjoy to get premium SYNLawn today before you even think about purchasing any other premium synthetic grass on the market!

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