Benefits of artificial grass in rental properties

artificial grass rental property

If you want to keep your rental properties tenanted as much as possible, first impressions count. Therefore, keeping the property well maintained and the outside areas and lawns in good shape is a good way to attract quality renters. Maintaining lawns, however, can be a difficult task, which is why many landlords now install artificial grass in their investment properties. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this strategy, so you can make an informed decision for your rental portfolio.

Artificial Lawns look healthy and green

Artificial grass doesn’t become muddy in the rain and it doesn’t turn brown in the hot summer months. There are no bare patches due to heavy foot traffic or too little water and there’s no unsightly weeds. Even natural lawns that are in the peak of health can quickly look bare and brown if they are neglected for too long.

It’s also fair to say that renters with young children or dogs can cause a significant amount of damage to lawns, not due to neglect, but simply due to heavy usage. The solution is to install artificial grass as this keeps the lawn looking healthy and green all year round. It also makes the property look very appealing to renters, which may help lease your property quickly. So, if your rental property has a small backyard (or even a larger one), it might be a good idea to consider revamping it with artificial grass.

Renters have fewer responsibilities

Many renters look for properties that have small gardens, simply because they don’t want to spend all their time mowing and edging the lawn. When they also have to deal with hedges that need to be trimmed, branches that need to be lopped, plus weeding and maintaining all the plants, bushes and trees, it’s a lot of work and it’s expensive.

This sets up an environment that can lead to neglected lawns, resulting in dead grass that becomes unsightly over time. In a worst case scenario, dead grass could even become a health issue or potential fire hazard. Since artificial grass does not require all this ongoing maintenance or cost to upkeep, it can be very appealing to renters.

Everyone saves money with artificial grass

Renters save money because they do not need to purchase lawnmowers, whipper snippers, fertiliser and everything else that helps to keep a lawn healthy (including paying the water bills). Landlords save money because they don’t need to lay new turf on a neglected lawn once the tenants have left. You can also save money by cancelling any lawn care contracts you may have for your investment properties, because artificial grass needs only minimal maintenance.

Artificial grass technology has come a long way

You may be amazed at the difference between artificial turf today and even a few years ago. SYNLawn artificial lawns are not only soft to touch and non-abrasive, but they look just as good as real lawns. In fact, at a glance you won’t even likely tell the different from real grass. COOLplus technology also reduces the intense heat that often builds up on the surface of lawns during summer, keeping your SYNLawn artificial grass 10% to 20% cooler compared to other artificial lawns.

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