Artificial Grass Isn’t Only For Your Backyard

outdoor turf pic

If you only associate artificial lawns with backyards, think again. Synthetic grass is now very popular for use on balconies, inside gardens, patios, rooftops and feature walls.

Let’s face it, many of us live in cities without the traditional quarter-acre block. We live in apartments, terraces, flats and blocks of units where the nearest patch of greenery is the local park. Or we have hard tiled patios and hard brick and concrete walls.

Now’s your chance to rethink these spaces. Adding a bit of SYNLawn is a great way to brighten up your living spaces and improve your lifestyle at home.

Artificial grass looks great on the balcony

If you have a balcony, chances are it’s got a hard surface like concrete or ceramic tiles. Why not treat yourself to SYNLawn and give yourself a softer mini yard? You can enjoy the cool green colour appeal that makes it immediately more attractive. Besides, you don’t need to do any of the tedious maintenance tasks of having a real lawn, like weeding, fertilising, mowing and raking.

Artificial grass improves your patio

No one likes walking on a hot surface like concrete or tiles in the middle of an Aussie summer. It’s just too hot for comfort. SYNLawn not only looks cooler,  but it is also cooler – up to 20% cooler than competitor products.

Plus, you get the cool look and natural feel of grass without all the drawbacks, like dirt, mud, dried grass and bugs. If you have kids, they’re going to love playing on our artificial grass. For your peace of mind, it’s free of toxins and metals and our pigments meet global standards. You can be confident it’s safe because we supply many childcare centres, schools and playgrounds.

Artificial grass works a treat on a flat roof

If you have a flat roof, you can install SYNLawn over the top of other roofing material. Get some professional advice to suit your situation, and consider using a substrate tile that allows water to drain away.

Advantages of artificial lawn on your roof include:

  • better insulation for the building
  • improves the property value
  • creates a useable living space
  • transforms a hard unloved feature into a softer, appealing outdoor area

Other benefits of SYNLawn

Our artificial grass has other benefits beyond looking great and being safe to use.

Durable: our synthetic turfs are Australian Made and manufactured to withstand our harsh climate for years to come.

Evergreen: your lawn will not go brown in summer or boggy and muddy in winter – it will be lush green all year round.

Low maintenance: sell your lawnmower, whipper snipper, fertiliser and rake – your new artificial lawn is very low maintenance to give you more free time to enjoy the fun and important things in life.

Cost-effective: since it lasts for ages and needs little maintenance, it’s a very cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of a lawn without all the hassles and costs.

For more information on SYNLawn artificial turf for your business or property, call us on 1300 796 529 or send us an email enquiry.