Why is Artificial Grass Ideal for Wheelchair Owners?

wheelchairs and artificial grass

Wheelchair users face daily challenges in shops, supermarkets, buses, trains and taxis. Even finding a wheelchair accessible parking space can be a huge problem. So when it comes to the garden, whether you use a wheelchair or not, you want it to be your own private sanctuary. Your garden should be a place where you can relax and forget about all the normal daily stresses.

However, for wheelchair users, gardens with narrow paths and grass lawns can be extremely difficult to navigate, particularly in wet conditions. So what are the issues that can prevent wheelchair users from enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in their garden?

Problems with natural turf for wheelchair users

As you can imagine, when natural lawns get wet, they can become slippery, boggy and muddy, particularly if there are already a number of bare patches. People in wheelchairs don’t stand a chance in these conditions, becoming bogged down quickly and requiring more muscle than might be available to extricate themselves from these situations.

This means that anyone in a wheelchair finds it difficult to go into the garden, being relegated to the patio where the surface is more solid and safe. The other problem with natural grass for people in wheelchairs is that it takes a lot of maintenance. So unless they have someone who can mow and care for their lawn, wheelchair owners will find maintaining their lawns a very challenging proposition.

Benefits of using artificial turf for wheelchair users

Artificial turf solves all the above problems for wheelchair users. That’s because artificial grass is highly durable and low maintenance, as well as providing a consistent and safe surface, looks fabulous all year round and is very cost effective.

Highly durable: The SYNLawn range of artificial turf is designed to be very long lasting and durable. As one of the world’s premium artificial grass surfaces, our turfs are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate while looking good for many years to come.

Low maintenance: Artificial lawns are extremely low maintenance. They don’t need to be mowed, whipper snipped, fertilised or weeded. They are ideal for anyone who gets around using a wheelchair and find it difficult looking after their lawns.

Consistent surface: SYNLawn grasses provide a consistent surface for wheelchair users, so there are no dips, holes, bare or muddy patches. Navigating around your garden is easy with our premier range of artificial turf.

Evergreen: Your lawns will look perfect all year round, regardless of the weather. While everyone else’s lawns will be dry and brown in the summer or boggy in the rains, your lawns will always look a lush green colour and provide full wheelchair access.

Multiple uses: With the SYNLawn range of synthetic grasses, you aren’t just limited to lawns. Our turf is so tough and durable that it’s also ideal for garden paths, ramps and seating areas. Installation of the grass is also straight forward.

Cost effective: Due to its longevity and low maintenance requirements, artificial turf is very cost effective, both in the long and the short term.
If someone in your family uses a wheelchair, it’s worth considering artificial turf to give them more access to the garden.

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