Benefits of artificial grass for hay fever sufferers

artificial grass for hay fever sufferers

Did you know that one in five people suffer from hay fever in Australia? The most common causes of hay fever (also called allergic rhinitis) are pollen grains and grass seeds. Whilst hay fever tends to be seasonal and is certainly much worse in spring and summer, in some areas of Australia it can last much longer, simply because of our climate.

Putting up with a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and headaches for months on end is no fun, particularly when you need to avoid going outside. So, when you like to entertain outdoors in your garden, hay fever can have a huge impact on your life.

A solution you might not have considered is to install artificial grass in your garden. This synthetic turf can do wonders for sufferers of hay fever, giving you a second lease on life and letting you enjoy being outside again!

Why install artificial grass in your backyard?

If you or anyone in your family suffers from hay fever, the biggest reason to install artificial grass is because it prevents provoking your hay fever. SYNLawn is the leading brand of synthetic turf in Australia.  and is made from yarn that’s also made in Australia. None of the materials used in manufacturing SYNLawn synthetic grass will trigger your allergies, so it’s perfect for hay fever sufferers.

Apart from easing your hay fever and giving you the freedom to enjoy your back yard, there are other benefits of artificial grass that make it a very popular option for homeowners.

Made for Australian conditions

The SYNLawn range of synthetic turf is made in Australia for Australian conditions. This means it’s highly durable and UV stabilised, so that it doesn’t fade or degrade in the harsh Australian sun. We even provide a warranty against fading and weathering!

Safe for children and pets

SYNLawn turf is made from non-toxic pigments so they are safe for your children and pets. We can also install a special cushioned underlay that protects your children from injuring themselves if they fall over and your dogs will also love the soft feel of SYNLawn artificial turf!

Long lasting and durable

SYNLawn turf has a 15-year warranty because it’s made from premium materials. In fact, it’s the ideal solution for patchy areas caused by dogs running around the fence line. If you want an artificial turf that looks real and stays looking perfect for a very long time, then SYNLawn turf ticks all the boxes.

Cool on your feet

SYNLawn turf features infra-reflective COOLplus sports yarn technology which reduces the temperature of the turf by up to 20% compared to other artificial lawns. This means the temperature of your synthetic turf is lovely and cool on a hot summer’s day. Pets and kids love this feature of SYNLawn artificial lawns!

No drainage problems

With the correct subsurface and no existing drainage problems in your backyard, SYNLawn turf is designed to allow the free flow of water into the ground. There won’t be any problems with drainage and no pooling of water on your new turf.

Low maintenance

SYNLawn turf doesn’t need mowing, whipper snipping, edging, weeding or fertilising.. With  minimal maintenance, you can have a beautiful allergy free lawn and spend plenty of time entertaining with friends and family.

Installation is simple, but to get the most out of your artificial grass we always highly recommend that it’s installed by one of our professional installers.