5 things a novice gardener should know

If you are prone to lacking the proverbial ‘green thumb’ these few handy hints will help you make the most of your gardening experience:

1. Learn from the experts

Do a little research before hitting the garden with all your might and hedge trimmers.  Discover the principles of gardening, even if you are a seasoned gardener the pros know what they are doing and often have some great ideas.

2. Use artificial grass as your foundation

The alternative is natural lawn and that, for the horticulturally challenged, can cause many hours of headache and heartache.  You would be surprised how many experienced gardeners have become frustrated with the neediness, water guzzling, forever mowing, edging, trimming, fertilising (we could go on) that live grass requires and often after all those tedious hours of attention it doesn’t look anything like the lush lawns you envisaged it being.

Be the smart gardener and give yourself a break – go fake…

3. Start small then work your way to greater things

Think about walking around the botanical gardens and if you haven’t been lately it’s a great day out, whilst walking around focus on the things you are being attracted to, which colours, smells, foliage are you spending more time looking at.  

Start with the things you love and you’ll find you’ll spend more time in your garden.

4. Choose ‘easy-to-care’ for plants.

Plant the things you love but also think about how much love and attention your favourite plants may need.  Sometimes going for the hardier, native or drought tolerant plants are the better choice for novices.

5. Inspiration is everywhere

Have a look at what other people are doing in their backyards, visit local nurseries and chat to their professional staff.  If you have a great starting place it will inspire you to create more… Happy gardening.