4 Tips on Creating Your Own Garden Sanctuary

  1. Create an intimate retreat

Your outdoor area should be your retreat! Give your backyard some privacy by planting some tall plants in front of your fence or create your own stylish feature wall using SYNLawn Classic 35, it looks fantastic and meets the Australian Fire Safety Standards.

This will give your backyard that secluded villa atmosphere and somewhere for you to escape to!

SYNLawn near outdoor pool area with chairs

  1. Make it enticing!

Back up your beautiful summer plants and flowers with SYNLawn Classic 40 because your plants only look as good as your lawn!

Give your backyard a focal point in your garden with furniture such as a breakfast setting, garden bench or daybed.

If you already have furniture like this in your garden, but it’s looking a bit outdated try brightening it up with a fresh coat of paint.

SYNLawn surrounding a pool

  1. Be creative with effective decorations

Complimenting your new SYNLawn turf with new ornaments, pot plants and new fabric for your outdoor cushions can be relatively cheap!

SYNLawn in a backyard with a Pot and Plants

  1. Strike with Colour

Paint is a quick and affordable way to lighten up your backyard and the right colour will compliment your new SYNLawn grass making it look fresh and comfortable.

Image of SYNLawn installed at the front yard of a customers home

Your imagination is the only limit! Need more help or inspiration?

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