Cover Lawn Hybrid Artificial Turf

Grass Reinforcement


Cover Lawn is a new generation, surface-reinforcement hybrid system. Natural turf is integrated into the honeycomb base structure, with each honeycomb cell allowing the natural grass to grow through the cell and start an integration process. The integration strengthens the wear area of the naturally growing grass.

Flexi Wear

Cover Lawn Flexi Wear - Hybrid Grass Reinforcement
  • 4 year warranty
  • Roll width: 2 metres
  • Thatch colour: No thatch (natural turf)
  • Yarn colour: Bottle Green
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Product features

Cover Lawn’s unique honeycomb cell structure protects the natural grass root system and crown. Cover Lawn reinforces and stabilises the grass, keeping moisture in and allowing the grass to grow, a great bit of technology helping nature.