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Cover Lawn Flexi Wear is a 20mm hybrid artificial grass product which protects and stabilises your natural turf by reinforcing the natural grass root system allowing the grass to grow up through the synthetic surface. Together with the natural grass they form a very strong and long-lasting combination, providing you with green grass, all year round, even in the hard-wearing areas!

Features and Benefits

  • Creates a reinforced surface and still keeps the beauty of natural grass
  • Easy to install
  • Keeps the moisture in and protects the natural grass during warmer weather
  • The honeycomb cells protect the root system and crown
  • Available in rolls:
    • 25m (l) x 2m (w)
    • 10m (l) x 2m (w)
    • 5m (l) x 2m (w)


  • Public open spaces
  • Backyards with dogs, dog parks
  • Events
  • Sloping sites
  • Around pools
  • Play equipment areas
  • Not suitable for sports fields

Please note that the colour of the grass may vary from screen to screen. If colour accuracy is important to you, we suggest ordering a sample or pop in at one of our stockists to view

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  • 150mm Eco Pegs

    Bio-degradable fixing pegs for Cover Lawn Available in 100 units per box

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